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Couple Peforms Super Romantic Breakup Ceremony

Whatever kind of affair a breakup tends to be — traumatizing, forgettable, solemn — it is usually never a public, romantic ceremony. For the past four years, Xu Minyu and Xiao Ying, — two Chinese students — experienced a happy relationship, but upon graduating college, they both decided pursuing their careers was more important than attempting to deal with a long distance relationship, and it was time to split. Xu Minyu plans to join the civil service in Hangzhou, while his girlfriend Xiao Ying will work with a company in Beijing, putting the former couple 1,200 kilometers apart.

Rather than quietly — or violently, for that matter — end the relationship, the couple chose to celebrate their love and participated in a romantic breakup ceremony. Surrounded by fellow students and a collection of burning candles, Xu Minyu approached his girlfriend with a bouquet of 99 roses, took a knee, and asked to end the relationship. The crowd encouraged Xiao Ying to accept, and after a two-minute silence, she took the flowers and accepted the proposal. To those couples mulling over ending your relationship, take a cue from these two students, as a romantic, amiable breakup will always be a better route than throwing things at one another.

(Chinadaily via Oddity Central)

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