Consent is as Simple as Tea: A Video for Those Who Can’t Be Bothered to Go to a Consent Workshop

Yesterday, we talked about a UK student named George Lawlor who doesn’t believe in consent classes. Scratch that, not only does he not believe they work, but he took to the internet in a long screed about how insulting they are. Today, rather than seeming to have understood any of the arguments about why consent classes may be (just maybe) necessary, he feels vindicated by the response, and says that he’s been congratulated for saying something that other students feel but “have been too afraid to say.” He still doesn’t seem to get it.

So, for those of you out there who can’t bring themselves to sit through an entire consent workshop, take three minutes out of your day and at least watch this video. It’s simple, and it makes the point so there’s no confusion and no “blurred lines.”

(via The Daily Dot)

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