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ComicsAlliance Continues to Tease Rebirth, Toy With Our Emotions

The reports of its death were greatly exaggerated.



We were as upset as the next nerd when AOL announced the death of the beloved website ComicsAlliance at the end of April this year. However, it’s become pretty clear over the past few weeks that someone over at the site is showing signs of life — and they don’t seem to feel like telling us what’s going on there just yet. Hopefully they’re not just messing with us. ComicsAlliance, please don’t be messing with us. We miss you.

The first of these cryptic posts was published on May 20th, and featured an iconic image from the end Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, when Clark Kent notices Bruce Wayne coming back from the dead. There was no accompanying text, only a winking emoticon in the post’s headline.


Then there was this equally confusing post titled “What Does That Mean?” from May 22, which showed an image of the pit from The Dark Knight Rises. Which would make AOL Bane in this scenario, presumably.


And now today’s post features an image taken from Batman: Birth of the Demon by Dennis O’Neil & Norm Breyfogle, with the headline “Alive and Whole.”


What does this mean for ComicsAlliance? No idea. Perhaps ComicsAlliance is Batman — we’d always suspected this to be the case. Perhaps they’re gearing up for a June 1st relaunch so they feel completely justified in being as enigmatic as it is possible for someone who isn’t Batman to be. Either way, we can’t help but feel a cautious, conservative amount of sheer unbridled joy. It’s been a whole month! We can’t take it anymore, ComicsAlliance! Let us in on your master plan already.

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