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ComicsAlliance Officially Back, Explains Return With Adorable Comic

And it's not a cryptic pull from a Batman comic this time! Yippee!



Those who were betting on a June relaunch for the award-winning website ComicsAlliance can go ahead and claim their winnings, because it’s back! And to explain just what the heck happened, they enlisted the help of writer Curt Franklin and artist Chris Haley of the webcomic Let’s Be Friends Again to write up a history of ComicsAlliance for their recurring segment Comics, Everybody! It is equal parts cute and informative.

ComicsAlliance was scrapped by AOL at the end of April this year and has posted a few extremely cryptic and unusual comic book references to maybe still being alive, but hadn’t begun to put up anything of substance until today. They have since continued the coverage we all loved and missed, including a new Best Cosplay Ever (This Week) round-up, which were always my personal favorites.

Here are the first two panels of the comic for your perusal:




Want to read the rest? Sure you do! Go to ComicsAlliance go give them some love! And props for the Michonne reference, Let’s Be Friends Again. If I didn’t want a zombie on a chain already, I definitely want one more now that they come in Batman T-shirt flavor.

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