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Comic-Con 2013 Roundup: While You Were Sleeping, Part 4

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  1. True Blood's New Season <em>True Blood</em>'s New Season Brian Buckner (the new showrunner for True Blood) says he wants to bring the show "back to its roots" for the new season. The new trailer shows funerals, imprisonment, secret plots, military action, and some vamps who are about to get hit with more sunlight than they can handle. (via Deadline and Vulture)
  2. Arrow Casts Brother Blood and Bronze Tiger, Gets a New Trailer <em>Arrow</em> Casts Brother Blood and Bronze Tiger, Gets a New Trailer The newest actors to join the cast of Arrow are Michael Jai White and Kevin Alejandro-- White will play league-of-assassins-member Bronze Tiger, and Alejandro will play Sebastian Blood ("drawing from the New Teen Titans nemesis Brother Blood). (via Deadline) In other Arrow news, there's a new trailer where you can see Summer Glau (and a butt-kicking blonde vigilante woman that might be Black Canary?) in action.
  3. Katee Sackhoff Talks Nude Fight Scenes <strong>Katee Sackhoff</strong> Talks Nude Fight Scenes In the "Women Who Kick Ass" panel, Katee Sackhoff (along with Tatiana Maslany, Michelle Rodriguez, and Danai Gurira) recounted filming her recent naked fight scene for A&E's Longmire: "I just did a scene naked with a gun. That's not normal...I just met the crew, and I was like 'here is my vageene.'" Male gaze, this is why we can't have nice things. (via Vulture, photo from
  4. Supernatural Spinoff <em>Supernatural</em> Spinoff Good news for Supernatural fans-- the show is getting its own spinoff! Just who this new show is concentrating on is still TBA, but apparently the character will be introduced later this season. What's new with the spinoff? Well, in contrast to the open road and small-town feel of its predecessor, the new show will be more of an urban fantasy setting. (via TV Line)
  5. Spider-Man Shows Up At TASM:2 Panel Spider-Man Shows Up At <em>TASM:2</em> Panel For The Amazing Spider-Man 2 panel, Andrew Garfield didn't show-- rather, the real Spider-Man donned his full costume and answered questions from fans. When asked about the actor, Spidey replied: "Who?" After a while Garfield dropped his method-acting and took off the mask, but the performance still was a highlight of the SDCC weekend. (via Vulture)
  6. Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Trailer Is Epic <em>Doctor Who</em> 50th Anniversary Trailer Is Epic The new trailer for the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special was apparently awesome, and wowed more than previously expected. For an in-depth description of what said trailer holds, head over to io9. Also mentioned in the panel is a documentary about the making of the show, from it's 1960s roots to the modern BBC juggernaut. And apparently Matt Smith walked the con floor disguised as Bart Simpson. You know, because. Geronimo! (via io9)
  7. Iron Dan (Harmon) Appears At Community Panel Iron <strong>Dan (Harmon)</strong> Appears At <em>Community</em> Panel Finally, the Community panel on Sunday brought showrunner Dan Harmon in a cardboard Iron Man suit. Well, there was other stuff too, about the show and its new episodes and all, but really the suit thing was pretty awesome. He even called himself a "billionaire playboy and creator". You might be wearing the suit, Harmon, but you ain't no RDJ. (via io9)

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