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New Comic Con NYC Puts Its Faith In the Thunder God

Wizard World, magazine publisher and host of numerous comic cons all around the nation, is launching the brand new Comic Con NYC, and its inaugural weekend is slated to coincide with the release date of Thor, May 6th, 2011.

This new con is not to be confused with Wizard’s other New York comic con, Big Apple Comic Con, which happens in the fall.  It is also not to be confused with New York Comic Con, which is run by a different company.  And don’t confuse it with San Diego Comic Con, because it’ll be a really long trip to correct that mistake.

Convention Fans has a quote from Wizard itself:

Response to last year’s Big Apple Comic Con and advance interest in the show this October has been so strong that we had to add the Spring event… Everyone – the celebrities, the fans, the dealers, manufacturers, artists, and the entire community we deal with was begging us to bring a huge Spring event to New York. And now we have Wizard World Comic Con NYC.

So that’s the Wizard reasoning behind it.

According to Bleeding Cool,

Wizard conventions have fallen out of favour with Marvel and DC a tad. As Wizards shows move from comic-focussed to multi-media focussed, and big-budget alternatives from Reed [the backers of New York Comic Con] have moved in, certain publishers have been falling away.

Thus, a movement to an event that doesn’t share a weekend with other prominent cons, so that retailers don’t have to choose between two cons to grace with their presence.  And, of course, the date is an open invitation to Marvel: Hey, come and shill for Thor! As for other attractions, Wizards says it already has Mark Millar lined up.


(via Bleeding Cool.)

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