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ESA’s #CometLanding Broke the Internet More than Kim Kardashian, There Is Hope for Us All

Inna final analysis...


When you self-importantly declare that pictures of you will break the Internet, it’s best to follow through. Best for you, that is—for the rest of us, it’s much better that Rosetta and the #CometLanding event received more attention on Twitter than Kim Kardashian’s #BreakTheInternet pictures.

The Wall Street Journal compared yesterday’s tweets containing #CometLanding and “comet” to #breaktheinternet and “Kardashian,” and the ESA’s pair of space robots came out easily ahead with Kim Kardashian’s pair of butt cheeks bringing up the rear.

#CometLanding also had tweets of a generally positive nature while #breaktheinternet was on the negative side. Kardashian may get more of the Internet’s attention in the long run, but it doesn’t look like all of that attention is going to be positive. Rest easy tonight knowing that we actually don’t live in a world where celebrities get more attention than historic science—at least on the Internet.

(via Jezebel, image via ESA)

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