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Comcast Launches New Video Streaming Service, Streampix

In an attempt to muscle in on the streaming video market, Comcast will be launching their own streaming video service starting tomorrow, dubbed Streampix. However, Streampix isn’t a standalone service, so Netflix need not shiver (or laugh defiantly) in their boots just yet, as Streampix is only available to Comcast customers who are subscribed to either the double or triple-play package, which is some combination of Internet, television, and phone service. For those that can subscribe to Streampix, they’ll be happy to know that it’ll only cost an extra $4.99 per month.

Streampix aims to be a “stream anywhere” type of service, allowing subscribers to view content through multiple devices, such as iOS and Android, Xbox 360, and web browsers. To begin with, Streampix will offer content from well-known names as NBC Universal, Sony Pictures, Disney-ABC Television Group, Warner Bros., and Cookie Jar Entertainment, which is a children’s network.

Streampix most likely won’t achieve Netflix-style notoriety and success, especially because customers have to be signed up for specific Comcast packages beforehand to even subscribe to Streampix, but existing Comcast customers who are already signed up for the services probably wouldn’t mind rolling their streaming video demands into one bill, rather than pay both Comcast and Netflix separately. Comcast will just have to hope that what they have on offer will be enough to entice customers. Streampix is launching with all of Lost, so that’s at least a good start.

(Comcast via VentureBeat)

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