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Hexadecimal Color Clock

If you wrote HTML for a website in the late 1990’s, then you probably remember struggling with color tags that required you to enter an arcane string of numbers that somehow added color to your pages. Those were hexadecimal numbers, base-16 numbers as opposed to base-10 which we’re all so used to. The Colour Clock, created by U.K. artist Jack, takes the current time, converts it into hexadecimal, and changes the clock’s bakground accordingly. It even has a hex-mode to display the code for the color you’re seeing.

The result is surprising. Sometimes (or “some times”) the clock moves subtlely between shades of colors, or will suddenly shift to an unexpected portion of the spectrum. It’s available for download as a screensaver, but be forewarned that it is quite hypnotic.

(The Colour Clock via J-walk Blog)

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