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Star Wars: Episode IX Director Colin Trevorrow Responds to Fan Petition to Replace Him With George Lucas

Did anyone tell them George Lucas doesn't want to?

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Filmmaking is a collaborative process, and the brilliance of many people came together to create the original Star Wars trilogy that we all know and love. Some fans, though, believe that George Lucas himself is the defining factor of what makes Star Wars great and are asking for his digital re-insertion return with a petition, and Episode IX‘s director has some thoughts for them.

I won’t lie and say I wouldn’t be at all interested in seeing what Lucas would do with his own installment in the story that Disney and J.J. Abrams have kicked off—with his power a bit more in check now that he’s sold the rights off—but it’s hard to imagine, given the story is already different from what he would’ve done, that his presence is necessary. Still, Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow has become aware of the petition to replace him with Lucas, and he told Entertainment Tonight that he’s hoping to channel what fans think that return would do:

It’s funny. I saw [the petition], and it was on a day where I was at LucasFilm giving this big speech to everyone about how we want to channel the invention and just the raw creativity and the boldness that George brought to these films and not being afraid that we’re going to embarrass ourselves by doing something that might be crazy.

When George Lucas made Star Wars, a lot of people thought it was crazy. When you try to pitch what that movie’s about — if you’ve never heard of Star Wars before, you say, ‘Here’s a character. His father’s part robot, but he can also do magic. And there’s a guy who can fly in a spaceship. He’s got a dog for a friend!’—it sounds insane.

Meanwhile, the petition to get George Lucas back in action is only at about 20,000 supporters, which isn’t a whole lot of people who have seen The Force Awakens and came away with the idea that Star Wars is clearly better in George Lucas’ hands—so at least the real Universe still makes sense.

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