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Coca Cola Super Bowl Ad Parody Gets Even More Diverse With Klingon and More Languages [Video]

If we need a national language, I vote for Bear Attack.


Hey, remember when that Super Bowl commercial made people really mad by singing the national anthem in multiple languages? Neither do I, because “America the Beautiful” is not our national anthem. To make those people more irrationally angry, here’s a parody version that takes a swipe at them with rejected languages like Klingon, Dothraki, and Dolphin.

Also, keep in mind that the sign language verse isn’t a mean joke about deaf people, because that would be awful. The guy doing the translating for that part was the fake translator from the Nelson Mandela memorial who just waved his hands around nonsensically, which was pretty awful and disrespectful at the time, but mocking him here is pretty funny.

(GarlicJacksonComedy via YouTube)

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