Anthony Starr as Homelander in The Boys
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You Can’t Just Tease Us With This Perfect WWE vs. ‘The Boys’ Grudge Match!

Cody Rhodes has been dealing with Homelander comparisons since he debuted his look. The Undisputed WWE Universal Champion is known as the “American Nightmare” and has a cape that is the American flag—just like The Boys’ Homelander.

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Rhodes has bleach blonde hair, a patriotic look, and that all-American charm—you know, like Homelander. I’m just kidding; Rhodes would never pull a Homelander, but the team at Prime Video finally did what fans have been waiting for: They teamed up with Rhodes to help promote the new season of The Boys. It is easy to see why people compare the character to Rhodes’ whole deal, starting back in AEW and now in WWE.

So teaming up together was a long time coming. Rhodes posted the promotional video on his Instagram page, writing, “Homelander, you just met your American Nightmare! Watch all new episodes of The Boys streaming now on Prime Video. #ad @theboystv @primevideo.”

It is funny to see even if we know our current champion wouldn’t … go on a murderous rampage, and I have to hope he doesn’t have an affinity for a certain type of milk. Still, the comparisons were there, and this is kind of a genius strategy.

Fans have been saying this, so why not lean into it? There is a way to take it one step further though: a match in the WWE.

I’d love to see Rhodes takes out Homelander

Hot take: Homelander sucks. If you think he doesn’t suck … uh, maybe you were watching the wrong show. He is racist, sexist, power hungry, and a murderer. All I want is to see someone take him down, but the problem is that Homelander is … well, he’s basically evil Superman. He doesn’t really have a weakness outside of breast milk.

So while it was a funny little ad, I do think I’d be giddy watching Rhodes take the villain on. Do I think that he is a match for Rhodes in the ring? Not at all, especially if they both have super powers (which we see in the end of the promo clip).

But if he’d be down for it, I would love to see Starr at a Monday Night RAW before the show has finished airing its fourth season. If he were to come out to Rhodes’ “Kingdom” by Downstait and trick us, it’d be pretty iconic, especially if Rhodes gets to come out and take him into the ring because of it.

For now, we have this video that makes me so incredibly happy, even if I know my boy Cody would never act like Homelander does.

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