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Brie Larson Is Finally Back in a New Clip From This Week’s Community

Awwwwwwwww. They brighten our timeline.

We’ve been very excited ever since “Analysis of Cork-Based Networking” that this season of Community has brought back Brie Larson as Rachel, the coat check girl, as a love interest for Abed. She was notably absent from the following two episodes, but NBC put out a sneak peek clip from tonight’s episode that focuses on the couple.

It’s nice to see that Abed is building new relationships. It’s also really nice to see that Dan Harmon is finally righting one of the great wrongs of the gas leak year. In case you forgot, Rachel had a great connection with Abed in an episode last season and then was never seen again until she made a comeback this year.

For non-spoilerphobes, here’s a synopsis of the episode from TV Guide:

Things are going so well for them, in fact, Abed even wants her to move in. However, Annie isn’t too keen on the idea and instead pushes the idea of her brother as their new roommate. To settle the difference, they decide to play Pile of Bullets, an old VCR game Rachel gave Abed, to determine the winner.

Poor Annie. If Donald Glover moved out of my apartment, I’d probably act a little weird about who moved in and took his place.

(TV Guide via Joel McHale on Twitter, image via Community)

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