A Clefairy Squishmallow with the Teddiursa Squishmallow

Please Buy Me the Clefairy Squishmallow, Thank You

The Squishmallows hype continues, and for Pokémon fans in particular, there are two new products that are sure to delight. One of those is the Clefairy Squishmallow, an incredibly adorable little item that serves as a send-up to everyone’s favorite cuddly pink Pokémon.

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The official Pokémon website announced the Clefairy plush shortly after Thanksgiving, and the toy has since taken over the web. Interested in one of your own? Here’s what you need to know before the holidays arrive.

So, what is this Squishmallows and Pokémon collaboration?

Like it says right on the metaphorical tin, Pokémon partnered up with Squishmallows for two official Pokémon-themed plushies: A Teddiursa Squishmallow and, of course, the Clefairy Squishmallow. The Clefairy iteration sits at 12 inches by 10 inches and features two ears sticking out, as well as an adorable little squiggly hair and tail.

A Clefairy Squishmallow with the Teddiursa Squishmallow
(The Pokémon Center)

“You’ve seen Clefairy and Teddiursa, but you’ve never seen them this squishy!” an official announcement from the Pokémon website reads. “Clefairy and Teddiursa are as classic as they are adorable. Both Pokémon were discovered over 20 years ago in Kanto and Johto respectively, and they have even more to offer as Squishmallows plush. Marvel at their perfectly quaffed tails and give them a squish as you take notice of the Pokémon Center-exclusive appliqué on the backside of the plush.”

Pre-orders for the plushie, which weighs just over one pound, originally opened on November 27 and ran until November 28. Don’t worry if you missed that initial order window, though. You can still get your Clefairy Squishmallow even if you didn’t put money down on the item back in November, as the item is back in stock.

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Where can you buy the Clefairy Squishmallow?

The Clefairy Squishmallow is only officially stocked at one location: The Pokémon Center. The item is currently available to order now, so if you want a Clefairy for the holidays, you might want to act fast—especially because standard shipping is set to take five to nine business days. That means, to make sure your Clefairy toy comes in time for Christmas Day, you should send in your order no later than December 12—oop! That’s today!

How much does the Clefairy Squishmallow cost?

The Clefairy Squishmallow costs $29.99 at the official Pokémon Center store. We highly recommend purchasing your Clefairy through there, as opposed to any other reseller sites, just to make sure you’re getting an official, new Squishmallow.

(featured image: Kelly Toys)

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