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Missing Child Found Inside Claw Machine

We just hope his parents had enough tokens to get him out.


Claw Machine

A three-year-old boy in Lincoln, Nebraska went missing yesterday. Thankfully the boy was quickly found completely unharmed — inside a claw machine. How many quarters do you think it took to get him out?

The boy wandered out of his mother’s apartment and into a nearby bowling center, where he somehow climbed his way into the claw machine where he sat playing with the toys inside until he was spotted by a customer. His mother called the police as soon as she realized her son was missing, and the bowling center called them to come get the kid out of their claw machine.

According to NBC News the boy was released from the machine by employees of the vending machine company, and his mother did not have to keep popping quarters into the game until she could successfully crane her son out.

I’m happy the boy has been safely returned to his mother, and would like to publicly advise any parents who find themselves in this situation in the future to contact my friend Brandon who is a very skilled claw machine operator.

(via NBC News, image via Stéfan)

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