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Iron Man, Cap, and Black Panther Grace the Cover of EW; Plus, RDJ Leaks a New Shooting Location

Entertainment Weekly

Black Panther has been relegated to peeking over Steve and Tony’s shoulders on his Entertainment Weekly cover, but he’s there — and someone thought it’d be cute to have him emitting tasteful a “Meow” speech bubble. I mean, It is cute. But also a little weird. Why doesn’t Cap have a speech bubble that says “America” or something? Anyway, Black Panther is the star of this cover, so I don’t know why he’s buried back there; all the editorial copy refers to him anyway.

Speaking of Marvel movie hype, Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans may have spilled a little secret on their most recent tag-team interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live! The duo filmed Civil War in Atlanta during July (ouch!), and after Evans complained about the heat, RDJ reminded him: “We are gonna shoot in Atlanta again, you and I.” To which Evans responded, “I know, I’m ready, I’m ready.” Watch the exchange at the 3-minute mark in this video — or watch the whole interview, it’s fun.

Why would these two go film in Atlanta? Will Iron Man and Captain America be making a cameo in Spider-Man or Guardians 2? Those are the two Marvel movies slated to film in Atlanta. Or maybe the two of them are just going back to Atlanta to film a non-canonical independent film featuring Steve and Tony’s post-Civil War make-up-after-the-break-up. Is Black Panther going to be in that too, you think? (Meow.)

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