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Face/Off Gets a Brilliant Civil War Reboot Because Travolta and Cage Are Vampires [Video]

Frankly I'm surprised it took somebody this long to put those vampire pictures to good use.


What happens when you cross John Woo’s Face/Off and Ken Burns’ documentary on the Civil War with those old photos of Nicolas Cage and John Travolta? You get the appropriately titled Civil War Face/Off: The Story of Nicolas Cage and John Travolta. If you can’t guess from the title, it takes the plot of Face/Off, but sets it in the Civil War using those old vampire pictures of Cage and Travolta.

The video was put together by the folks in the sketch comedy group Dumbshit Mountain. They’re also responsible for that Kickstarter campaign to fund Cobra. Generally, they’re pretty great. You can check out their Facebook page for updates from them about amazing things they do in the future, and we’ll be sure to keep you up to date on anything that falls into Geekosystem’s purview.

(via Dumbshit Mountain)

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