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Christopher Walken In Direct-To-VCR ’80s Puss In Boots Musical Is All I’ve Ever Wanted From the Internet

All closet skeletons should have such facial hair.


I’m sure many of you already knew about the direct-to-VCR 1988 Puss in Boots musical starring Sean Connery’s son Jason and a young Christopher Walken as a giant mustachioed cat-man. If, like me, this is your first time watching Walken apply his considerable musical chops to some sub-par (sub-purr, even) material, sit back and enjoy the classic musical number “Happy Cat” (TL;DR: the cat is a star, the cat’s on top, someone bring it some ham). Be sure to note Walken’s “kitty pounce” move at 00:18 seconds, and feel free to GIF at will.

(via Neatorama)

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