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Fanfic Time! Chris Pratt Imagines Who’d Win in a Fight: Star-Lord or Captain America

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Right now, the only Star-Lord versus Captain America fight we’ve been lucky enough to get has been Chris Pratt and Chris Evans’ super adorable Superbowl bet earlier this year. But in an interview with Spinoff Online, Pratt shared his hopes for an epic fight between Star-Lord and Cap.

Spoiler alert, Pratt totally thinks Cap would wreck Star-Lord in a fair fight. He’s most likely right. But then again, Star-Lord doesn’t exactly play fair. Come on, he’s a space rogue, what do you expect? He explained:

Steve Rogers would kick the shit out of Peter Quill in a fair fight, but I don’t think Quill and the Guardians fight fair. I would put my money on Quill. If it was a straight UFC match, Captain America wins 100 out of 100 times. But, when you have Rocket Raccoon, who has your back, and he can take apart an air conditioner and turn it into a nuclear weapon, you have an ace in the hole.

Can’t help but wonder who Cap’s ace in the hole would be. Nat? Or maybe even Bucky? Oh, geez, Marvel, make this happen. Please?

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