Will Someone Please Teach Chris Pine How to Hug and Eat Properly?

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Chris Pine and Imogen Poots appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden recently, where Corden decided to put all of Pine’s bad habits and awkwardness on full blast for the world to see. Pine was a good sport about it all, and happily showed off his quirks.

The Star Trek actor shared his less-conventional hugging posture (AKA the “ass-out” hug), which his friends make fun of him for. Pine even demonstrates on Corden so we can all collectively feel the discomfort all of Pine’s huggees probably experience. But let’s be real, I would give Chris Pine a hug any day.

We also get Corden and Zoe Saldana calling out Pine for his sloppy, manspreading eating habits which is a bit less cute, but still endearing. Armed with a sandwich, beer, and turkey-leg, Pine chews his way through this interview segment with a bit of difficulty. Someone get the man a bib! And an adult to tell him the 5-second-rule is not a real thing and he probably shouldn’t be eating lettuce off the floor. He’s not all glutton in the video though, as we can spot him kindly and politely laying napkins on the laps of Corden and Poots.

It’s ok, hugs and dining can makes for some awkward or messy moments. Stars, they’re just like us!

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