J.J. Abrams Confirms Chris Hemsworth Will Return for Star Trek 4

But how will that work, exactly?
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Star Trek Beyond isn’t even out yet, but already it would appear as though the wheels are in motion for the fourth installment in the film franchise. Since this set of Star Trek movies differentiated itself from the past series from the very beginning by defining its own universe (dubbed the “Kelvin” timeline), it shouldn’t be any surprise that they’re going to be playing by their own rules–and that, apparently, includes bringing back characters long since believed to be dead.

It was a small but memorable scene starring Chris Hemsworth–who played George Kirk, the Starfleet captain who heroically sacrificed himself so that his crew (including his wife, Winona and their son Jim) could get to safety at the beginning of the first Star Trek. Now, according to J.J. Abrams, Star Trek 4 will reunite Chris Pine (who currently stars as Jim Kirk) and Hemsworth:

Star Trek is known for bending the rules of time and space, so perhaps it isn’t all that much of a stretch that Hemsworth is returning in some form–which begs the question: what form will it be? Will we get to see Jim reunite with a holographic image of his father, or will there be some time/space continuum madness involved that propels Jim backward or George forward so that their timelines align?

Either way, we can start steeling ourselves now for some father/son feels–or for the prospect of seeing these two on-screen opposite one another.

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