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Chris Evans Wants to Be in a Musical, and Make It Happen! It’s Been 24 Hours!


Chris Evans at a Q&A
Is it time? Shall we let the tap dancing wonder of Chris Evans take on the Broadway stage in a musical? Evans opened up in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter about his desire to star in a musical, and this information has been out for a full day. Why hasn’t he had the offers pouring in?

As someone who considers themselves knowledgable in the world of musical theater, I’ve had a problem with about 85% of the casting choices that have been suggested for him—mainly because I’m always critical of dream casting, but nevertheless, there have been choices that I think work. One of those is the brilliant idea that, if we finally got Bombshell to Broadway, Evans could take on the iconic role of Joe DiMaggio (played by Will Chase in the show Smash).

What everyone’s casting suggestions proved is that we’re all down for a musical starring Chris Evans.

One that people seemed to like was that Chris Evans should play Bobby in Company, which I don’t think is the best casting choice, especially if we’re casting Evans in a Sondheim show. Any of the princes from Into the Woods would be a better fit than Bobby!

And while these suggestions are fun, we haven’t really heard Evans sing that much. We know a bit of his range from this scene in What’s Your Number? but that’s about it.

You know what we do know, though? Chris Evans can dance!

So … bring a Gene Kelly musical to Broadway and let Evans take over? Is that the idea we should settle on?

But if you’re not the biggest supporter of the Gene Kelly idea (or any of the other ideas out there), maybe you’d be a fan of Sara Bareilles’ perfect casting of Chris Evans as Dr. Potimer in Waitress the Musical (something I would willingly see ten times if that stunt casting happens).

Do you have a perfect musical for Evans? Should we just write him a show ourselves? Let us know what you think would fit best!

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