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Chipotle’s Twitter Account Hacked, Check Out the Screenshots [Updated]

Someone please get them an avocado.

Chipotle Cover

One of two things is going on right now with the official Chipotle Twitter account. It’s either being used by someone at Chipotle who doesn’t understand how Twitter works, or it’s been hacked by someone who doesn’t understand how hacking Twitter works. Either way, it’s bound to right itself eventually, so take a look while you can, and don’t worry — we have screen shots!

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Mediaite’s Evan McMurry pointed out the shenanigans through his own Twitter account. We assume this means McMurry digs Mexican food:

Here’s the situation as it stands:

Chipotle Tweets

So there you go. We only know two things for sure: @ChipotleTweets is currently sending out a bunch of nonsense and now I really want a burrito.

Glad you found that avocado store.

Update: Looks like a new Tweet just went up. Looking more like a hack now — A weird hack, sure, but still a hack.

Chipotle Sweetie

Update #2: Here are a few more:

Chipotle Tweets 4

Update #3: Aww. :-(

Chipotle Aww

(via Twitter)
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