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What We Can Learn About the Final Episodes of Sabrina From the Part 4 Trailer?

The Witch is Back

The final episodes of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina are set to hit Netflix on New Year’s Eve. To whet our appetite for part hour of the spooky teen series, Netflix has finally released a full trailer that tells us a bit more about the fight between The Eldritch Horrors and the Witches of Greendale, including two Sabrinas.

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Check it out:

It seems very appropriate that the series, which began on Sabrina’s 16th birthday, is starting off the final batch of episodes with her 17th. Everyone looks quite happy and healthy and in the earthly realm, which must be a nice change for this gang, and Sabrina herself looks quite pleased. Until her birthday cake disappears. It seems Sabrina, who left a copy of herself in hell and really wants to do everything, can’t have her cake and eat it too.

Yup, it looks like some Lovecraftian Eldritch Terrors are in town and they’ve taken on physical forms, like a creepy miner maybe, something with tentacles (of course) and an angel-looking thing. They’re out to destroy everything, including the world, culminating in the arrival of The Void. Which sounds very scary. Was that what took Sabrina’s cake?

Who can help Sabrina? Well, Sabrina. She can only trust herself it seems, and so it’s off to hell to enlist Sabrina Morningstar and all the demons and devils down there, including maybe Lucifer and Lilith. Any time I see Michelle Gomez on screen I get a little excited, so I’m glad of that. Though two Sabrinas might mean twice the bad decisions, it seems. At least Sabrina’s tendency to cause problems is highlighted by this trailer.

I’m also getting the sense from this trailer that we won’t have double (double toil and trouble) Sabrina the whole season, and that Sabrina Morningstar is not long for this world. I can imagine Sabrina having to watch herself die will be pretty painful, but also great television. It also looks like we’ll see swordplay, more romance for Sabrina, the birth of Lilith’s Satan baby, and more magic from the Greendale coven under the protection of Hecate.

I’m seriously sad to see this series end, but it certainly looks like it’s coming to an epic conclusion that will wrap up the story, so I’m very excited for what part four of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has brewing.

(image: Netflix)

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