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Things We Saw Today: Chelsea Cain Says Marvel Told Her to Stay Quiet over Vision Comic Cancellation

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Author Chelsea Cain is coming forward about the issues facing her relationship with Marvel after the cancelation of her Vision comic. She came onto to Twitter and tweeted that the publisher allegedly told her to stay “clean and quiet” about it.

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This is not the first time something like that has happened to Cain. As The Daily Dot reports, a previous title she worked on, Marvel’s Mockingbird back in 2016, also saw difficulties arise. Cain experienced a lot of issues with Marvel including the series being canceled and then the company not giving her the information to even go to the Eisner Awards ceremony where her work was nominated for two Awards.

The series got canceled after eight issues, and adding insult to injury, Cain faced misogynist harassment for the final issue’s feminist cover art (drawn by Joelle Jones). Mockingbird then reached #1 on Amazon’s superhero comics chart. Even after Mockingbird was nominated for two Eisner Awards, its creators still didn’t receive support from their publisher. Marvel didn’t share Cain’s contact details with the Eisner organizers or tell Cain how to attend the ceremony or get a Comic-Con pro pass, leaving her to ask her Twitter followers for help. Marvel expected insider knowledge from a newcomer to the industry, just like how the pre-order system expects insider knowledge from new readers.

The article goes into breakdown how pre-orders and the changing landscape of comics creates a disconnect between what readers what and what companies think will sell. Great motivation to go out and support your local comic book store.

(via The Daily Dot, image: Marvel)

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