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Looks Like Channing Tatum is Definitely The X-Men’s New Gambit

Mutatis Mutandis

We knew he was in talks, and though there’s been no official announcement do we now know that Channing Tatum‘ll be donning the pink armor and black head… thing of Remy LeBeau?

Well, we just might. Turns out we found this out not from an official press release, but in a very old fashioned way. A reporter asked somebody in the know, and then… they answered the question. Total Film recently asked Lauren Shuler Donner, longtime producer of every X-Men film, who she was looking forward to including in upcoming films in the franchise, and when her answers included Gambit, they pressed for more on the latest buzz around Tatum and the role. Her answer was clear:

It is Channing, yes. Yes… Well, you know, he’s a rogue, Channing, he’s a rascal just like Remy LeBeau. And he can handle the action, we all know that. And he’s got a really good heart, I know him personally, I did [She’s The Man] with him. So I think he’ll be great as Gambit. And he’s a southerner too, he’s not from New Orleans but he is a southerner and he understands that world. You know Gambit loves New Orleans.

So there you have it folks, Channing Tatum is our new Gambit in… no movie as yet announced. It’s okay, Taylor Kitsch, I liked Wolverine: Origins. And for those X-Men fans who didn’t, Donner also namedropped X-Force and Deadpool as characters and concepts she’d like to see on the screen, so a redo of the Wolverine: Origins character widely considered to be Deadpool in name only might also be somewhere in our future.

(via Comic Book Movie.)

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