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Chainsaw Man: Here’s What We Know About The Dub Cast And Main Characters

Do you like chainsaws? Do you like the men who turn into them? Well then, I think Chainsaw Man is for you.

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Chainsaw Man is set to become the biggest thing in anime. And I am HYPE about it. It’s a series about a man who can turn into a fucking DEMON MADE OF CHAINSAWS! WHAT IS NOT TO LOVE HERE!?

So who’s the lucky bastard who gets to play, you ask?

Who’s the main character?

After consulting with the Divine Oracles of the Internet at the Temple of the Ones and Zeros, it has been reveled to me that voice actor Ryan Colt Levy will have the honor of voicing the titular Chainsaw Man. My man Ryan has been in a gaggle of anime titles, but this looks like it’s going to be his biggest role to date. Hell the fuck yeah. I love it when the grind pays off for people. Congratulations, Ryan darling.

As for Makima, Chainsaw Man’s demonic handler and the internet’s new favorite evil waifu, the oracles have told me that she will be played by Suzie Yueng. Suzie is known for voicing notable waifu Yuffie Kisaragi, a beloved character in the Final Fantasy series.

As for Aki Hayakawa, the devil hunter who also works for Makima’s special squad, he will be played by Reagan Murdock. Reagan also voiced the GIANT ELEPHANT from One Piece known as Zunesha, which is a sick accomplishment in its own right.

Lastly but not leastly, the blood fiend and Public Safety Devil Hunter named Power will be voiced by Sarah Weidenheft. Sarah is also known for voicing the most powerful character in the Dragon Ball Z universe, a cute little universe destroyer named Zeno.

As for the voices of the other characters, the oracles have not yet revealed that knowledge. But good things come to those who wait. And I shall purify my body by bathing in Mountain Dew and pray daily at The Temple. If fortune smiles upon me, I shall return soon.

(Featured image: MAPPA)

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