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Chainsaw Man Chapter 150 Release Date Confirmed

Nayuta and Denji having a conversation in Chainsaw Man 149

Many Asa and Denji shippers felt like they were winning during chapter 149 of Chainsaw Man. In a brief and fond moment, Denji told Nayuta that he liked Asa and their kiss was the only one he had without getting hurt afterward, and fans immediately looked forward to the chapter 150 release.

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There’s a lot of trauma to unpack there (thanks Makima), but Denji’s been through a lot of terrible things for an 18-year-old which kept him scarred even in current chapters. Among many other sad things, Denji realized that he didn’t have any friends left upon asking Nayuta about the welfare of her friends at school.

She doesn’t really care about her schoolmates, but fans feel for Denji’s heartbreaking dialogue.

People were also impressed that despite Nayuta being the new Control Devil, she was willing to heed Denji even just a little. In many respects, Nayuta is a chaotic creature who loves dogs. But she’s not like her former incarnation (so far) and has shown genuine care for Denji. Although her nature as a devil allows her to harm others with little to no remorse, it’s clear that Nayuta isn’t intentionally malicious compared to her previous incarnation.

Nayuta’s vicious nature showed itself in Chapter 149 when she attacked Fumiko, and suggested that she could kill other humans without it being a problem. But unlike Makima, she’s still notably restrained and shows that she cares for Denji’s approval and friendship.

Chapter 150 of Chainsaw Man isn’t too far away and is expected to be released on December 5, 2023, for North American readers, at 7:00AM PT, 8:00AM MT, 9:00AM CT, and 10:00AM ET. As always, Manga Plus by Shueisha and Viz by Shonen Jump are reliable platforms to read Chainsaw Man. Japanese fans, on the other hand, will be able to read Chapter 150 after it’s released on December 6, 2023, at 12:00AM JST.

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