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The First Trailer for Stephen King’s CELL Is Here; Wake Up, Sheeple

Dial "M" for "Millennials."

It’s been a long time since I read Stephen King’s CELL, but, if memory serves me correctly, it’s pretty scary. King can write the shit out of an apocalypse, and CELL is his one major “zombie” addition to that genre—and, for a book about people who are literally attacked by their phones, it resists the urge to sermonize too much on modern technology. (For what it’s worth, Den of Geek did an interesting write-up earlier last year on the book’s importance in the context of King’s overall canon and the novel’s bumpy transition to the big screen.)

Unfortunately, judging from this trailer for the film adaptation, the movie might not have been able to avoid the temptation to make some very on the nose commentary about people and our addiction to smartphones. It’s like, you know, in 2016, most people are just zombies anyway, right? Like…who can tell the difference? Makes you think, huh?

CELL is directed by Todd Williams of Paranormal Activity 2, and stars John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson (the pair also played opposite each other in Stephen King’s 1408). It’s slated for VOD release June 8th and theatrical release July 8th.

Yeah, that’s right, it’ll be available digitally before it’s in theaters! That’s the world we live in today, man. Can’t wait for the phonepocalypse to come along and really wake people up.

(via io9)

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