Please Peruse These Celebrity College Scandal Memes with Me

Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin

Today’s big story is what memes were made for. Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin, among others, are being indicted for bribing their children’s way into college. (Loughlin spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to get her daughter into the University of Southern California, which angers me, because that was my dream school—if I knew my mom only had to pay a half a million for me to go, I would have begged!)

Twitter is having a field day, of course, and I’ve been collecting the finest of the celebrity-based memes for your perusal.

First, let us look at the lovely tweets about our dear Aunt Becky. For those who may have forgotten, Lori Loughlin played Rebecca in Full House and so … of course, we’re having fun! Childhood nostalgia meets scandal.

Then came the Felicity Huffman memes …

And lest the menfolk be forgotten …

My favorites among the meme group, however, are the tweets about both Huffman and Loughlin.

Particularly this Allison Janney one:

Please keep the memes coming. This is truly a special day on the Internet. What a time to be alive, as we learned how the already rich and privileged are afforded even more of a leg-up than they had before, illegally! Why not just fund and name a building on-campus in the traditional American way?

(via Twitter, image: LISA O’CONNOR, TOMMASO BODDI/AFP/Getty Images)

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