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Geeky Celebs Dressing Up As Each Other For Halloween Is Our New Favorite Thing

Are the Supernatural boys ever not perfect?

Our readers had some excellent Halloween costumes this year, but so did our faves! And, sure, tons of celebrities have really impressive costumes, but our favorite trend this year has to be celebs with geek cred dressing up as other celebs with geek cred. Like the cast of Supernatural dressing up as each other.

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Or Sean Pertwee, dressing up like his dad, the Third Doctor.

Guess Who I’m going as tonight ? #isthereadoctorinthehouse #nyc A photo posted by Sean Pertwee (@seanpertwee) on

Or Sarah Michelle Gellar and her fella Freddie Prinze, bringing the Star Wars realness.

Then we’ve got Ben McKenzie dressing up as the classic version of his Gotham character:

Girl Meets World‘s Sabrina Carpenter as Hit Girl:

And OUaT‘s Jennifer Morrison in her fourth annual appearance as Hermione Granger:

We will leave you with bonus NPH, because flawless family is flawless:

(via io9)

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