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And Here Is the Full Catwoman Costume, Now Featuring Ears

Great Hera!

And, here she is, in full feline regalia. Meaning: Anne Hathaway‘s Catwoman costume in The Dark Knight Rises has ears now! After the jump, a few more pics from the set that will answer the burning questions: Does she have a tail? And is Batman finding her pleasant, and not in a way that weirds us out completely? The following are pictures from the set, so consider them to be providing information about a movie you haven’t seen yet. In short: Possible spoilers.

First, let’s get a nice look at Catwoman and Batman, who is definitely being played by Christian Bale here and not a stunt guy. It looks like they’re having a hearty giggle about something, and that is just darling.

And here is the back of Catwoman’s costume, showing Hathaway with Gary Oldman (Commissioner Gordon), and revealing the absences of a tail, but the presence of insane stiletto heels.

Getting ready to hop on the Batpod:

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