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The Internet Is Going to Look a Bit Different Tomorrow Because of Net Neutrality

Among the many horrible things worth worrying about in politics right now, including the potential ruination of health care, the FCC is still moving towards reversing President Obama-era rules on net neutrality. Whether for altruistic reasons or out of self interest—or likely both—many entities across the web will be making a show of their support for actual net neutrality, rather than what the current FCC is peddling.

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Who Wants to Help This Library Summon Some Ancient Demons?

The Newberry Library in Chicago is inviting nerds across the world to help them live out a horror movie plot by transcribing a bunch of early modern texts that "deal with magic—from casting charms to conjuring spirits."

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Former GitHub Employee Writes About Company’s Failure to Uphold Its Own Values

In "Antisocial Coding: My Year At Github," Coraline Ada Ehmke recalls her time of employment at the company's Community & Safety team.

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“Death by A Thousand Cuts”: Women Engineers Speak Out About the Sexism in Silicon Valley

In this video from Wired, women engineers speak about their experiences with workplace sexism and racism in the tech industry.

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Our Robot Overlords Will Give Guinea Pigs The Best and Cutest Names

Research scientist Janelle Shane gave a neural network hundreds of guinea pig names, and the network came up with some of its own: Buzzberry, Spockers, Mumkle...and Bho8otteeddeeceul?

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Amazon Continues Quest for World Domination by Buying Whole Foods

For a company that got its start in the business of making physical stores obsolete, Amazon sure is willing to pay a lot for them. The company is in the process of buying Whole Foods for $13.7 billion, for purposes we can only assume include world domination.

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Google’s Got a Fun Wonder Woman Game to Teach Kids to Code

There are many ways in which superheroes can inspire kids, but what about going beyond moral lessons and teaching specific practical skills? Google's Made with Code is doing just that, and they're using the Wonder Woman movie to do it.

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What to Do If You Clicked That Google Doc Phishing Scam Going Around

There's a big Google Docs phishing scam making the rounds right now, and it's particularly effective as evidenced by how many people's accounts have already been forced to propagate it to their contacts. The best thing to do, of course, is not click on it, but this is a particularly tricky one that may have fooled even savvy web users, so here's what to do if you're one of them.

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FCC Wants Your Comments on Their Plan to Kill Net Neutrality. You Know What to Do.

We all remember how this played out last time, yeah?

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The Weird Tale of Juicero, the $400 Wi-Fi Juicer That’s Worse Than Your Bare Hands

Like so many things in recent times, the story of the Juicero is the kind of thing you'd read in a book and think, "Nah, this is too on-the-nose. Not realistic. The point of this story is cartoonishly obvious," and yet, it's very real. It was already a silly enough sign of modern times that investors poured millions into a connected "Internet of things" juicer, and things have only gotten worse from there.

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Tumblr Just Released a New App That No One Asked For

Surprise, surprise.gif

Tumblr, our #1 source for fandom gifs, has released a video chat app for iPhone called Cabana. The problem? Precisely no Tumblr users were clamoring for a video chat iPhone app.

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Twitter Does Something Right, Gets Government to Drop Attempt to Unmask “Alt” Gov Twitter Account

In the early days of the Trump administration, "rogue" Twitter accounts quickly popped up, proclaiming to be run in secret by government workers in different departments. It was difficult to know if they were authentic, and many of them just as quickly transitioned to civilian hands for legal reasons—if they'd ever been real at all. Now, one that's still around has been officially protected by Twitter.

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Facebook Head of AI Trusts Society as a Failsafe Against Evil and Oh God We’re All Doomed

World domination by unstoppable machines might be on the back burner in terms of reasons to worry about AI, since robots taking all our jobs is a much more pressing concern, but the singularity bringing our whole world crashing down is still a concern, especially since the whole idea of it is that it would happen rather suddenly. Facebook's head of AI isn't worried, though, because surely society will stop evil from taking hold!

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Netflix Is Making Recommendations More Accurate Through a Simpler Thumbs Up/Down System

Star ratings systems aren't perfect, especially when people have a tendency to consider anything less than, say, a four out of five to be not worthwhile, which creates a weird feedback loop of inflated review scores. It's also hard to know whose opinion you're getting from such an aggregate, which is partially why the company is tossing them altogether in favor of a thumbs up/down system, but not for the exact reason you might think.

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Twitter’s Solution to “Egg” Accounts Sounds Like a Bad, Early April Fools’ Joke

Egg on all our faces.

Yesterday, Twitter confused us all with some strange changes to the way replies work, but that new system is not nearly as bizarre as the way they've decided to tackle harassment from "egg" accounts. See, we've apparently been looking at this all wrong. The problem with people starting dummy Twitter accounts to harass people isn't the harassment; the problem is that the reaction to harassment ruins Twitter's branding.

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No, You Probably Can’t Buy and Publish Congress Members’ Browsing Histories, but People Are Trying

Congress struck a blow to Internet privacy a few days ago, and people are understandably angry, but it was largely a symbolic blow. The last-minute Internet service provider data privacy rules put in place by President Obama's administration were struck down, but they'd never gone into effect in the first place, meaning nothing is actually changing other than us knowing where our lawmakers stand on our privacy versus the interests of corporations. Thanks, Obama.

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Oh God, Twitter’s Big Reply Changes Are Like a “Reply All” From Hell

Not the future liberals want.

Things often change on the Internet, and those changes are often scary and sometimes bad. Today, it's Twitter that has attracted attention by removing reply recipients' usernames from their trademark 140-character limit, which sounds great on the surface—yay more characters—but the implications get messy very quickly.

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Samantha Bee Has Found the Bipartisan Government Success Story We Desperately Need Right Now

It may seem like everything is actively on fire right now, and that's probably because—you're not imagining it—politics really are becoming more polarized, with issues largely lining up along party lines. There are still some things the two sides can agree on, though, and that's how Georgia lawmakers wound up finally doing something about their rape kit backlog.

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Only Donald Trump Can Save Internet Privacy Now, but He Won’t, so Let’s Prepare Ourselves

After the Senate voted recently to strike down President Obama-era FCC privacy rules for Internet service providers, the House of Representatives has now done the same, meaning Donald Trump will soon sign their bill, and your ISP will be able to do whatever it pleases with your data. I'm sure his armies of Internet trolls are thrilled.

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Catharsisbot 5000: Robot Literally Burns Donald Trump’s Tweets as He Sends Them

Internet of Petty Things.

The @burnedyourtweet Twitter account is exactly what it sounds like. It burns people's tweets—specifically Donald Trump's tweets—after physically printing them out for that specific purpose. Why? Trump's tweets, no matter how many people tell you to just ignore them, are awful and have real world consequences, unless you're Donald Trump. They had this coming.

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