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Read Article One Milwaukee Bar Would Rather Close for a Week Than Make Any Money Off the Republican National Convention
Attendees of the RNC in 2020 hold signs supporting Trump.
Read Article BBC Presenters Instructed To Coddle Transphobes After J.K. Rowling Got Mad
Read Article Florida Man Selling $60 ‘Merica Bibles Amid $175 Million Court Judgment
Donald Trump yells during a political rally
Read Article Donald Trump Hasn’t Even Paid His Last Judgment & He’s Already Heading Back To Court
Donald Trump seen leaving a courthouse.
Read Article Does the Current Mifepristone Court Case Impact Contraceptives Like Plan B?
Women protest outside the U.S. Capitol as the Supreme Court considers banning Mifepristone
Read Article The Argument Against Mifepristone Is Built on Lies About What the Drug Actually Does
Packages of Mifepristone tablets are displayed
Read Article Florida Settlement Says You CAN Say Gay (A Little Bit)
A classroom of young students sitting at their desks, raising hands.
Read Article Plans for a Waterpark at America’s Most Dangerous Lake Are Incredibly Tasteless
Sign at the bottom of a water slide saying it is closed in an abandoned swimming pool
Read Article It’s Not ‘Shaming’ To Call Out Nancy Mace’s Trump-Supporting Hypocrisy
Nancy Mace gives a tight-lipped smile.
Read Article Olivia Rodrigo Is Making Free Emergency Contraception Available on Her Guts Tour
Olivia Rodrigo strikes a pose during the Guts World Tour.


Read Article Oklahoma Chooses Bigotry Over Getting To See the Incredible Nyla Rose Wrestle
Read Article J.K. Rowling’s Legal Threat to Journalists for Calling Out Holocaust Denial Backfires
Read Article Louisiana Bill Would Sentence Librarians to Hard Labor for Joining ALA
Read Article BBC Presenters Instructed To Coddle Transphobes After J.K. Rowling Got Mad
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