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Netflix Drops Trailer for Their Comic Book Debut The Magic Order

Netflix is getting into the comic book business.

Ever since Netflix set out on its mission to dominate popular culture, nary a week has gone by without the mammoth streaming service dropping a new trailer for a series, limited event or film. This week is no different, but the trailer for The Magic Order is not a series or a film: it's Netflix's first foray into the publishing world.

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Review: Assassinistas #5 Tackles the Needless Limitations Our Society Puts on Moms

With the passing of Mother’s Day, I found myself thinking a lot about moms and comics. My mom got a “non-compliant” tattoo with me a few years ago, the iconic “NC” logo from the comic book Bitch Planet. My mom reads comics. She’s seen every comic book movie, but sometimes it’s frustrating how little she sees herself represented in comics. Maybe I need to send her Assassinistas, the Black Crown Quarterly book by Tini Howard and Gilbert Hernandez.

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Stan Lee Files Billion Dollar Lawsuit Against Company He Co-Founded

The Saga of the Embattled Creator Continues

The tragic saga of Stan Lee continues as the embattled Grandfather of Geekdom finds himself entangled in yet another lawsuit. The Marvel Comics icon has experienced an increasingly bizarre series of events: first there were allegations of sexual misconduct with the nurses hired to care for the 95 year old creator.

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All Your Canceled Faves Are Back in Marvel’s West Coast Avengers

America Chavez, Gwenpool and more ride again

Marvel has announced that it's bringing back several canceled faves in the new series West Coast Avengers, written by Kelly Thompson (Hawkeye) with art from Stefano Caselli (Avengers: The Initiative). The new series features Clint Barton/Hawkeye relocating to Los Angeles, where he mentors a young group of heroes that includes America Chavez/Miss America, Kate Bishop/Hawkeye, Kate’s non-powered boyfriend Johnny, Quentin Quire/Kid Omega, and Gwen Poole/Gwenpool.

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Exclusive Preview: Kamala Khan in Avengers: Back to Basics #6, a Marvel ComiXology Original

Marvel ComiXology Originals is wrapping up the series Avengers: Back to Basics with issue #6, which is available exclusively digitally, on ComiXology and Kindle, tomorrow, May 16th.

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Q&A With Hope Larson Author of All Summer Long, a Graphic Novel That Explores Male/Female Friendships & Girls Learning to Rock Out

One of our picks for The Mary Sue book club was Hope Larson's All Summer Long, a graphic novel from First Second books about a young girl named Bina who begins coming into her own identity when her best friend, Austin, goes away for the summer. Unmoored from her usual summer playmate, Bina begins bonding with Austin's older sister Charlie. Through this new friendship, Bina starts to come into her own as a musician and realizes that not all change is bad.

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You Won’t Want to Miss Our Top Picks for Free Comic Book Day 2018

Put on some pants and step into the sunlight: it's Free Comic Book Day! The annual event is a celebration of small businesses that encourages you to think intergalactic and shop local. Remember, while the comics may be free for us, vendors actually have to pay to stock them, so throw them some support if you're able.

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Exclusive Look At Cathy G. Johnson’s Upcoming Graphic Novel THE BREAKAWAYS

From The Prince and the Dressmaker to The Witch Boy, it is truly a golden age of queer comics—and it's continuing with an upcoming work from First Second Press: Cathy G. Johnson's THE BREAKAWAYS.

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Giveaway: DC Super Hero Girls Celebrates Free Comic Book Day With Their New Graphic Novel

DC Super Hero Girls is an amazing, female-led line of titles and merchandise featuring younger versions of our favorite DC heroines. The comics, graphic novels, and toys in this collection are perfect for young fans, or older fans who appreciate a different, less cynical take on the grown-up heroines they've come to know. Thanks to DC Comics, we've got copies of their latest graphic novel to give away!

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Trailer Drops for Hope Larson’s New Graphic Novel, All Summer Long

Will I read this book? Yes, yes I will.

Hope Larson (A Wrinkle in Time) is back with a new coming-of-age graphic novel, All Summer Long that is sure to give us all the feels. The Eisner winner wrote and illustrated the novel, which centers on thirteen-year-old Bina, whose summer plans are derailed when her best friend Austin leaves town for soccer camp. As Bina begins her endless summer, she falls in love with playing the guitar, exploring new music, and making new friends.

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Peggy Carter Dons the Shield as Captain America in Exiles #3

Agent Carter's got powers, y'all.

You can't keep a good agent down. Peggy Carter returns to comics in the upcoming issue of Exiles #3 with a whole new look and a dose of super-soldier serum, taking on the mantle of Captain America herself. This is another exciting incarnation of the beloved heroine who first had us fangirling in in Captain America: The First Avenger.

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AfterShock Comics Makes Its First Editorial Hire, Snagging Marvel’s Christina Harrington

I've been slowly falling in love with AfterShock Comics, which has proven itself as a formidable force in indie comics, attracting quality talent and giving some of my favorite female creators the space to create extraordinary creator-owned work that's outside the scope of what they'd usually do for the Big Two. Now, they've hired Christina Harrington as their new managing editor to further grow the publisher.

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Our Valentine’s Day Favorite The Prince and the Dressmaker Is in Talks for an Adaptation

 Universal Pictures is potentially looking to adapt the queer YA graphic novel The Prince and the Dressmaker

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Giveaway: Celebrate Action Comics‘ Historic 1000th Issue With This Superman Prize Pack!

As we all know, Brian Michael Bendis, who for years was a prominent architect of the Marvel Universe, has now brought his talents to DC comics where he will be lending them to Action Comics and the ongoing adventures of Superman. His take on the Man of Steel will debut in Action Comics #1000, which drops on Wednesday. Want a copy, along with another cool piece of Superman swag?

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Black Panther: World of Wakanda Wins GLAAD Media Award for Representation Marvel Keeps Leaving out of Movies

While it's disappointing that companies like Marvel or Disney haven't caught up to 2018 when it comes to the desire and need for inclusive storytelling in film (particularly films that are inclusive of the LGBTQIA community), it's even more disappointing when they allow creators to go to all the trouble of being inclusive in the source material, only to very purposely not adapt those elements.

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Giveaway: Love Harley Quinn? Take Home Babs Tarr’s Take on the Clown Princess of Crime

DC Collectibles’ longest running and bestselling line is its Batman: Black and White line, along with its sister line, Harley Quinn Red, White and Black, which brings to life some of the most iconic looks of the clown princess crime from some of the most popular artists in the comic book industry. Thanks to DC Collectibles, we have one of those statues to give a very lucky reader!

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Check Out the Latest Badass Female Characters to Be Immortalized in Joëlle Jones’ DC Cover Girls Collection

C2E2 is still going strong in Chicago, and geeks from all over the world are stocking up on all sorts of awesome swag and toys from their favorite fandoms. One of our favorite artists, Eisner-nominated Joëlle Jones announced yesterday during the DC Universe panel, that the mischievous Catwoman will be the latest DC character to star in her DC Cover Girls statue line by DC Collectibles!

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Review: Image Comics’ Miyazaki-Inspired ISOLA #1 Is Beautiful and Intriguing

The fantasy story, about a soldier escorting her queen (currently in the form of a turquoise-striped tiger) on a perilous journey to a mythic underworld island, has drawn comparisons to the work of filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki. This is not by happenstance. ISOLA’s thematic and aesthetic homages to films like Princess Mononoke, full of fantastical creatures and a foreboding sense of danger, are thoughtfully crafted aspects of its world-building and storytelling.

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The Most Extra Loki Outfits from the Comics That We Deserve(d?) in the MCU

As the potential death of Loki in Avengers: Infinity War approaches, let's look at all the amazingly over-the-top outfits the MCU could have pulled from the comics.

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A Video Reminder That Superman’s Powers Are Out of Control

In this video, Studio C imagines what the original pitch for Superman's current stable of powers might sound like - and it would sound, quite frankly, ludicrous.

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