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Read Article The Final Battle Nears Its Climax in Chapter 418 of ‘My Hero Academia’
Midoriya stands in rubble wearing ripped up clothes, glowing green with power in "My Hero Academia"
Read Article Cartoonists for Palestine Launches Online Archive in Response to Ongoing Genocide
Cartoonists for Palestine art by Kazmir Lee
Read Article What It Really Means To Be an Omega-Level Mutant in ‘X-Men ‘97′
Ororo Munroe (a.k.a. Storm) using her powers in X-Men '97
Read Article ‘Dragon Ball Super’ Releases Chapter 103 Before Taking A Break
Gohan's beast form in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.
Read Article The One Piece/Dune Crossover No One Was Expecting
Luffy and Dune Worm
Read Article What Does ‘One Piece’ Have In Store for Us in 2024?
Oda's Year of the Dragon color spread for One Piece
Read Article Exclusive: Beloved Webtoon ‘Rigsby WI’ Coming to Print From Iron Circus
Rigsby WI cover art (cropped)
Read Article ‘One Piece’ Chapter 1111 Is Coming Soon!
Monkey D Luffy cheering in One Piece.
Read Article Spider-Man Has Some Great Villains. Here Are His 10 Best!
Spider-Man grasping the sides of his head in shock.
Read Article Psst, an Adorably Gentle Fantasy Graphic Novel Came Out Today
A centaur and a blue elf sit on a rooftop in an illustration.


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