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Cartoonist Plays Himself by Trying to Make Fun of Girls Joining the Boy Scouts

When it was announced that the Boy Scouts of America was going to start allowing girls to join all sections of the programs, it was expected that there would be some pushback from different places. I mean girls … in the boy scouts? What’s next? The White House? Anytime women begin to integrate a literal boys’ club, traditionalists act as though the very concept of masculinity/manliness is under attack. Political cartoonist, Rick McKee attempted to “call out” this particular “attack” on traditional male identity in his cartoon published by The Augusta Chronicle.

Sadly, in the words of hit-maker and Rihanna collaborator D.J. Khaled:

Instead of riling people up about the tragic, de-masculinization of the Boy Scouts, people instead were confused as to why this was supposed to be a bad thing. I mean of course, there were some who continued to play themselves, but overwhelmingly, people are not afraid of the Boy Scouts becoming a gender-neutral organization. Because, spoiler alert: boys and girls playing and learning skills together … is something they do most places.

Yet, with all the talk of what this means for the future of the Boy Scouts, there is still a discussion that needs to be had about how the Girl Scouts will continue as an organization if they lose potential members to their brother organization. As some Tumblr users commented:

“This is literally just a way of attracting girls away from the feminism of Girl Scouts to the Christian patriarchy because we still think Boy Scouts are better because they’re for boys. …

“Girls joining Boy Scouts is false progressivism. While I think perhaps the days of gendered scouting might be numbered, it shouldn’t be because everyone is now joining the conservative organization of the Boy Scouts.”


“Plus, the girls won’t really be allowed to do all of the scouting things. Just some limited things, in special programs.

“Don’t for a minute believe this means a girl can be an Eagle Scout. It isn’t even close. It’s a bullshit program from everything I’ve read.”

(via Buzzfeed, image: The Augusta Chronicle, Rick McKee/Buzzfeed/Tumblr )

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