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Carrie Fisher Is Getting a Star on the Hollywood the Walk of Fame

Full-on sobbing.

Leia Organa and Rey in Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker

Carrie Fisher is someone who I have looked up to my entire life. She’s an icon for fans of Star Wars, she’s a beloved creator, and she’s someone whose writing has inspired me time and time again. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Carrie Fisher made this world a brighter place.

Now, she’s getting her name immortalized on the iconic Hollywood Walk of Fame! The street that houses the Kodak theater is famous in California and the stars are something that many come from far and wide to see. As someone who used to live in California, it was truly one of my favorite places to just go walk around because something fun is always happening. But now to go and see Carrie Fisher’s name on that historic street? It’s incredibly emotional.

The full list is as follows:

While I am also overly excited about nearly everyone on this list (did I make this list? I’m wearing a Willem Dafoe shirt right now and I will scream about almost every one of these performers on any given day), it’s the posthumous honor for Carrie Fisher that is hitting me emotionally. Carrie Fisher is known for being Princess Leia, but her mark in Hollywood is something undeniable. From ghost-writing some of the most iconic movies out there to constantly making strides in the industry and being open and honest about her mental health, there is just no one quite like Carrie.

Looking up to her was easy. Mainly because she made you proud to be her fan and would loved having people who saw Leia as their hero. Carrie was my hero, not Leia, and when I told Carrie Fisher that before she died, she told me that I could be both and I could have them both as people to look up to and honor. And I hope that Carrie Fisher’s name on the Hollywood Walk of Fame keeps her legacy alive for generations to come. I hope I can someday take my kids there and talk about my love of Carrie and we keep talking about her.

I wish Carrie Fisher were here to see her name on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I wish she were here to make some witty speech about getting it. And I wish she were around to just tweet her nonsense emojis about this but I can’t wait to go and see Carrie’s name on that famed street and cry about it. I miss her every single day and often think about what she would tweet about something but now, at least, I can go to Los Angeles and give my respects to Carrie. Nothing but respect to MY president.

(image: Lucasfilm)

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