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You Can Play Cards Against Humanity in Your Browser With Anyone for Free

Be a terrible person anywhere, at any time.

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Cards Against Humanity has always been free and easy to obtain for anyone with a printer, but this new, in-browser port means you’ll never be caught without entertainment again. Cards Against Originality, as it is appropriately named, simply gives you a hand of cards from the original game and lets you submit your pick to the judge anonymously. If you’ve never played CAH and this all sounds like nonsense, I recommend you try playing with physical cards or at least in the same room first to see how it works—if only to make sure you can stomach the game’s… unique sense of humor before sending links off to people you’d like to remain friends with.

All you have to do to play is head over to and start a new game. The site will give you a link to share around to other players who can join just by viewing the link in any Internet browser. The one drawback is that your screen only shows the cards you’re currently holding, since the browser version is just meant to be a digital replacement for the actual deck of cards that you—of course—forgot to bring to your friendly gathering and not a full-fledged online game on its own.

But while the CAO site’s info says you have to be in the same room with the other players for it to work, you likely have several means of communication at your fingertips to easily connect your group since you have to be online to play in the first place. It might get a little tedious screenshotting cards back and forth to make sure those who aren’t judging can see the cards and get in on the comedy/find out what terrible people they all are, but probably no more tedious than whatever else you’re pretending to do at work today and way more entertaining.

(via Gizmodo, image via screenshot)

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