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Earth Day PSA: Captain Planet Marathon on Boomerang

Hey, late Gen Xers and early Gen Yers! Based on your demographic information, we can surmise that you are likely to have been a fan of Captain Planet, the best (and only?) eco-friendly superhero show of the early ’90s. Well: You may be interested to know that to bring in Earth Day, Cartoon Network’s sister network Boomerang is playing Captain Planet nonstop today. Nostalgia!

From the Captain Planet Foundation’s press release: (yes, there is a Captain Planet Foundation)

Celebrate the 40th anniversary of Earth Day in a big way with the world’s first and only eco-superhero, Captain Planet! The Cartoon Network’s 24-hour commercial free network showcasing classic cartoons, Boomerang, will commemorate Earth Day with the airing of Captain Planet and the Planeteers. The 12-hour marathon will feature handpicked episodes from the show’s six successful seasons, many of which were selected by the show’s original producers, Barbara Pyle and Nick Boxer! The marathon starts at 8 a.m. on Thursday, April 22, lasting until 8 p.m.

On the CPF’s Facebook page, they even suggest that you “Call in sick on April 22 to watch the Captain Planet Earth Day Marathon on Boomerang.” We would certainly never endorse that…

Because you know you’ve been hearing the Captain Planet theme song in your head just about now, here are the opening and closing credits for the show:

Captain Planet supernerds: You may notice that while the show premiered in 1990, these credits must have come from an episode after 1991, since Linka, who was originally introduced as being from the Soviet Union, is introduced here as being from Eastern Europe. (h/t HumanSeekingTruth)

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