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Things We Saw Today: Captain Marvel Auditions for Spider-Man

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2019 will be the year of Captain Marvel, but Brie Larson seems ready to take on another iconic role in the MCU.

Actors who sign up for superhero roles undergo intense fitness regimens. Yet who knew they gained actual superpowers?

In preparation to play Carol Danvers, Brie Larson took on an incredibly rigorous strength training program, throwing herself into it headfirst. According to Men’s Health, Carol was her inspiration: “a huge part of [Captain Marvel] is her strength. I knew if I could go through that experience, I would get closer to her and I’d understand [her].”

Larson has been sharing videos from her training all year, including “215 lb. deadlifts and 400 lb. hip thrusts.” But her most recent video showcases a different kind of strength.

With a wink at playing Spider-Man, Larson can be seen defying gravity as she navigates a challenging rock-wall. The person recording her provides excellent commentary as he is as blown away by what’s happening as the rest of us. My arms hurt just watching this.


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My self tape for the role of Spider-Man? Narration by @risemovement

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“Avengers: spiderverse where everyone turns into spider versions of themselves,” wrote user ctinadiva on Larson’s Instagram. Um, Marvel? Are you listening?

(via CBR, Men’s Health, image: Marvel Studios)

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A most joyous NYE to our brilliant Mary Suevians as we leave the cursed 2018 behind! What’ve you seen today?

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