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Canada Introduces Line of Cryptid Coins That Are Way Cooler Than U.S. State Quarters

I remember when the U.S. State quarters program was launched and everyone got (comparatively) excited about coin collecting. Now that Canada has introduced a collection of coins featuring mythical creatures, I realize how dumb it was to get all excited about states. Canada has a history of prettying up their money, but unlike the plastic currency initiative, this line of coins seems to be all about the coolness factor.

The current coins in the line are lake dragon Memphré, who allegedly lives in Quebec’s Lake Memphremagog; Mishepishu an aquatic panther of some sort rumored to live in Lake Superior; and the classic Sasquatch. All of the coins are legal tender and worth 25 cents a piece Canadian, although they cost $24.95 Canadian by virtue of being collectors items and being plain awesome. Besides, these aren’t the kind of things you spend. These are the kind of things that are begging to be embarrassing family heirlooms.

See the Sasquatch coin and the tails side (featuring the decidedly non-mythical Elizabeth II) after the jump.

(via io9)

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