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Can We Talk About Chris Pine’s Stache on the Poster for ‘Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves’?

Chris Pine in D&D: Honor Among Thieves

The more I see of Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, the more I’m excited—which is saying something since I had but a passing interest in the famous game prior to its return to pop culture with Stranger Things. So when Chris Pine, my personal favorite of the Hollywood Chrises, was cast in this D&D movie with the likes of Hugh Grant, Regé-Jean Page, Michelle Rodriguez, and more, I knew that I was instantly going to be invested in it.

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And lo and behold, I am! The first trailer for the movie was a fun look into what we can expect from the film, which DOES have Chris Pine with a lute. So, my own personal dream scenario. But the film has also released a new poster for the movie that highlights its all-star cast with Pine front and center … with a mustache?

Some online are being mean about the poster because it does look like the kind of photoshop I would do as a teenager, but also, the point of the movie is that it is a bit cheesy and out there, so why not have a poster that reflects that same energy? And it does a pretty good job of highlighting each actor and the character they’re bringing to life.

But let’s go back to Pine’s mustache here for a second because I have thoughts. The last time Pine had a mustache was in my favorite of his films, Hell or High Water, and I loved it very much. So to see him having a mustache here (when he didn’t seem to have one in the trailer) means that maybe there is some facial hair still to be revealed?

Or maybe I’m just so attuned to Pine’s face and his beard combinations that I instantly clocked that his look is different from the five o’clock shadow that was featured more heavily in the movie’s trailer. My point is that this look is different and I like it. But it also continues to confirm to me that this movie, more than some of Pine’s more recent work, is going to be a blast to see.

When Chris Pine is funny, he’s the best

As someone who has watched everything that Chris Pine has done, I can say with certainty that the best Chris Pine is when people let him have fun. Think about Into the Woods. The movie itself had its problems, mainly for those who knew the stage musical and knew the differences between the stage show and what ended up in the film, but you know what everyone agrees on? The fact that Pine is a hell of a lot of fun as Cinderella’s Prince.

He is campy and hilarious, and he doesn’t shy away from it, and it’s addictive to watch. Everything I’ve seen of Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves feels the same way to me, and it’s so much fun to get to see Pine just enjoy himself in a movie, even if that seems to include a mustache and a lute.

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