Pirates celebrate at a colorful party in 'Our Flag Means Death.'

Calypso’s Birthday Brought Out Everyone’s Wild Side on ‘OFMD’

We know how to rage.

The crew of the Revenge has been through a lot this season. During their separation, part of the crew struggled financially while the other half suffered under the toxic leadership of Blackbeard. Once they reunited, the crew needed to bond all over again and create a safe space for everyone. A safe space ship, if you will. In one of this week’s new episodes of Our Flag Means Death, our favorite pirates finally got to let their hair down.

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After Archie told a story about the time she cut her way out of a snake to celebrate her birthday, the crew realized they were kind of boring. Forever an ideas man, Frenchie “remembered” that it is Calypso’s birthday and they should be celebrating. Although the birthday celebration is made up and just an excuse for a party, Calypso is a goddess of the sea and we should celebrate her. Stede Bonnet and Ed/Blackbeard know it’s a ruse, but decide to offload Ed’s guilt treasure and turn “poison into positivity.”

Besides decorating the ship in bright streamers, lanterns, and flowers, the pirates made sure they looked their best, too. Izzy Hands (Con O’Neill) found Wee John (Kristian Nairn) getting ready and learned how to “create a look.” Wee John helped Izzy with his makeup and turned out his own look as Calypso herself. In styling that evokes drag queen Divine and Ursula the Sea Witch, Wee John looks amazing in a blue dress complete with a seaweed-inspired wrap. We’ve seen Wee John crafting in the background this season, but this is the first time his skills were front and center.

Wee John dresses up as the goddess Calypso in 'Our Flag Means Death.'

In his beautiful makeup, Izzy surprised everyone by singing. Not one song, but two! I loved his voice and to see the growth of my favorite little grumpy guy was something so personal. While Izzy serenades the crew, they party on the deck. Jim (Vico Ortiz) looks dashing with their drawn-on mustache while they dance with Oluwande and Archie.

Following a brief intermission when a new pirate foe rudely interrupts, the party goes well into the night. Something about Calypso’s birthday and the encounter with the new pirate has Stede Bonnet feeling it. Stede retires to his quarters. Moments later, Ed shows up, thinking they need to talk things out. Instead of a soft conversation, Stede grabs Ed and slams him against the wall before kissing him. Who knew that Stede could be so aggressive? With all due respect, we kind of dig it.

With only one more episode until the end of the season, I will savor this fun night with my pirates. Last season, the final episode was devastating, so who knows what is in store for season 2. Hopefully, it will end on a better note. The crew of the Revenge deserves a happy ending, and we do, too.

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