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Donald Trump Is the First Home Alone 2 Actor to Be Impeached!

Donald Trump makes a pouty face in front of an American flag.

Ah yes, the sweet sweet sound of victory. That’s what today is; watching Trump try to understand that he is now one of three presidents to be impeached is truly a Christmas miracle. I cannot wait until we all have to go home to our families and friends for the holidays and fight with our drunk/racist uncles about this.

That being said, what have actually been fantastic are some of the tweets going around. My personal favorite? Everyone using Donald Trump’s IMDb credits as a reference point for Trump being impeached. From The Apprentice to Home Alone 2 and beyond, Trump has a litany of random credits to pick from, mainly because his career has always been a hot mess of him thinking he’s a celebrity we care about when he’s just a rich douchebag.

Anyway, his weird collection of movies and television shows makes it easy for us all to reference a wide array of guest-starring roles to mock his recent impeachment.

There is still the Senate trial to get through before Trump could be thrown out of office, but there is a beautiful change in scenery now that he is one of our very few impeached presidents. I guess, because it’s just a small club, that makes him special in some way, but for some reason, he doesn’t seem to like this particular rare, special designation.

(image: BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP via Getty Images)

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