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Buzz Aldrin Shows Off His Employer Compensation Form for Moon Travel Expenses

"Thirty-three dollars! I want my $33!" -Say Anything on the Moon.

To us, going to the Moon might sound like a pretty special event, but at one point, it was just Buzz Aldrin’s job five days a week. Yes, he is a rocket man and, as such, expects to be reimbursed by his employer for all the money he wasted on the Moon—which is apparently Earth’s largest tourist trap.

We’ve seen this customs form, which might as well say, “We’re coming from the Moon. What do you think our cargo is?” before, but here’s Aldrin’s expense form, which is a lot more interesting than the last one I filled out for a metro card:

It’s also a bit pricier than mine at a total of $33.31, which is about $216 in today’s dollars when you account for inflation. Man, what a ripoff. $33.31 and all we got was maybe Moon disease, some rocks, and a whole mess of truthers. As a taxpayer, I want a refund. Quick, what’s 1/322,000,000th of $33?

(via Daily Mail, image via NASA HQ)

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