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You Can Buy Bunches of Cereal Marshmallows, Watch Unintentionally Funny Videos

One of the most fond memories ingrained into every child’s brain is that bowl of Lucky Charms after they’ve painstakingly picked out all of the oats, leaving behind a milky soup of stale marshmallows. Now, Cereal Marshmallows has made getting that bowl of marshmallows much simpler, by selling a wide variety of bags of the stale little things, providing what is possibly the greatest service to mankind ever witnessed.

Though the site seems a little unprofessionally ugly, the service sure has the right idea, providing various package size options of bags full of cereal marshmallows. From cereal-box-sized bags, to 95 pounds of bulk marshmallow goodness, to 100 calorie packs, each option doesn’t seem too expensive, especially considering the price of a regular box of brand name cereal and the work required to fish out all of the colorful marshmallows.

To reiterate, this is for sale:

The website also has a neat little section with recipe suggestions, including Cereal Marshmallow pancakes, Cereal Marshmallow cookies and even Cereal Marshmallow macaroni and cheese. Check out the pancakes:

The website even has an extremely unintentionally funny section filled with videos of a guy eating many types of cereal with the Cereal Marshmallows added.

I hope this has made your day as much as it has made mine.

(via Geekologie.)

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