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In the Future We’ll All Travel in Tubes, But Until Then, at Least Our Burgers Will

New Zealand: home of Hobbits and burger tubes. What a magical place.


C One Espresso in New Zealand is removing the awful delivered-by-a-real-human aspect of your burger eating experience. They’ve set up a system of pneumatic tubes that deliver your burger directly to your table without any pesky waiter getting in the way. Wait, are these the same as the tubes the Internet is made of? Can we download burgers?

Their tubes will deliver hot, burger-y goodness (complete with fries) right to your table at speeds of up to 87 miles per hour. We’re glad they decided to observe safety regulations and not push it to 88 mph, because everyone knows that’s the speed at which time travel is possible, and it’d be really sad if your burger accidentally went back in time.

Wait, actually, burgers that arrive before you even order them sound great.

Anyway, while we’re busy searching the cafe’s site for the burger download button, you can check out a video of the restaurant’s new delivery system and listen to their crazy plans for rigging your burgers to appear through the legs of their tables. Seriously, though, we can’t find the burger button. They need to get their site’s tubes straightened out.

(via Geekologie, image via Lucas Richarz)

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