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Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson as Brooklyn Cops? Well, It Seems Like Disney+ Has the Money for It …


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Imagine casually scrolling through the world of Reddit when one user points out that a show about Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson being Brooklyn cops could exist (complete with an absolutely wonderful poster mockup). It is a wonderfully brilliant world and one that I want to now live in. Brooklyn 99 but with Sam Wilson being the Boyle to Bucky Barnes’s Jake Peralta? Yes please, sign me up right now.

Look, I know that this is a dream for maybe me, three of my friends, and the Reddit user that created it, but we could get people into it if Marvel just went with it. At this point, we just want some kind of sign to the kind of show the Winter Soldier/Falcon show will be. Hell, just confirm it exists, and we can go from there, because it’s still just “rumored” at this point, and that’s torture.

There’s also a lovely comic out there that they can base this show on that would be great and get people really excited about it, but if Disney+ wanted to also do this Brooklyn cop story, I wouldn’t complain about it. The good thing about this idea is that it is certainly plausible with Disney+ and the reportedly “generous” budget that they’re getting ready to implement for their new Marvel and Star Wars shows to get people on board with the new streaming service.

Here is my theory: All those getting their own shows will not be getting a focal point in the upcoming movies. Whether that means that they’re not in them at all or that they have a very small role, we’ll have to wait and see. But I think it will be a better way for us to see our favorite characters get the time and energy they deserve without sacrificing part of the large storyline.

A huge part of my problem with the MCU is that my favorite characters do not typically get that much screen time. Out of every movie that James Buchanan Barnes has been in, he’s had less than an hour of screen time. While that’s disappointing, it makes a bit of sense, since he’s just a pawn in the overall story going on between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark.

With this own show, Bucky’s storyline can be explored more, and we can even have a more intense look at the emotional trauma that Bucky was working through while he was in Wakanda. He’s an interesting character to track and given the opportunity, could do a lot of good for fans out there.

So will it be a show called Brooklyn Agents, where Bucky and Sam look like characters out of Knight Rider? Probably in no way shape or form, but we can pray that they’ll bring Bucky back to Brooklyn, where he has to show Sam Wilson where he and Steve grew up.

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