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Will BTS Be at the 2022 Grammy Awards?

A picture of the seven members of BTS (left to right: J-hope, Jimin, Jungkook, RM, Jin, V and SUGA) presenting an award at the 2019 Grammy Award Ceremony

This year’s Grammy Awards are coming up fast. The air date is set for April 3rd, 2022. And after the most important piece of the whole evening—the nominations, which dropped last November—the most anticipated news is always the performances. The musical acts at the Grammys pull out all the stops—making it one of the more fun awards shows to watch.

Every fan wants to see their favorite artists on one of the most famous and recognized stages in the world—and the ARMYs, BTS’ fanbase, are no exception. Not that the South Korean septet is any stranger to the Grammys’ stage. They have been presenters, performers, and nominees before, sending the internet up in a blaze of trending topics.

The first ceremony BTS attended was in 2019 when the Love Yourself: Tear album got a nomination for Best Recording Package. The boys themselves stepped on stage to present the award for the Best R&B Album—which went to H.E.R.—with the promise that they were going to be back. ARMY Twitter lived the whole ceremony like a dream. Their appearance on the red carpet? Iconic. Jimin’s deep pink hair? Stunning. Jungkook tearing up during Dolly Parton’s performance of Jolene? So relatable. 

Jungkook crying while looking at Dolly Parton is also a perfect representation of me crying while looking at Jungkook. (HYBE)

The 2020 ceremony was the first time BTS were on stage as performers—joining the Old Town Road medley with Lil Nas X as they sang the rapper’s collab with RM, aptly titled Seoul Town Road. They weren’t among the nominees for the night, but it was still another pretty big step, an official performance, which would serve as a launchpad for bigger appearances in the future. Plus, I really have to say it, they absolutely took no prisoners with their stage outfits. I still have nightmares about 20200126 Namjoon and Taehyung.

And then, there’s the 2021 ceremony. Oh, the 2021 ceremony. BTS finally received their first nomination, with “Dynamite” landing them a spot in the Best Duo or Group category. Their performance of their nominated song, live from one of Seoul’s tallest skyscrapers, was absolutely legendary. And the disappointment that coursed through the fandom when they ended up not winning was very hard to shake in the following days. Was it because BTS had been so genuinely excited in their reaction video to getting the nomination? Or was it because “Dynamite” was smashing records left and right and had been arguably the biggest song of the year? Who knows? It was sour and it continues to be sour.

So, will BTS be at The Grammy Awards in 2022?

As disappointing as the loss was last year, 2022 is a new shot at the prize, and BTS has another nomination for Best Duo or Group with their second smash hit, “Butter.” And it is now confirmed that they’ll be performers for the night!! HYBE confirmed it via Twitter, which means we can expect a massive and high-energy new performance for “Butter”. The recent Permission to Dance concerts in Seoul have definitely been proof that BTS’ form remains excellent, and their energy stellar, so they’ll be sure to make the Grammys’ stage all shades of hotter, sweeter, and cooler.

The feelings are mixed throughout the fandom. But this might be the year that the old ARMY saying that “what Yoongi wants, Yoongi gets” is proven right once more. We’ll have to see on April 3rd when the ceremony will air at 8 PM ET. Get the Army Bombs ready for that “Butter” performance!

(via: Soompi; image: Grammy Awards)

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