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The Brooklyn Bridge Has Seemingly Pledged Its Allegiance to Westeros for ‘House of the Dragon’ Season 2

Imagine living in New York and thinking that your bridge betrayed you. That’s what happened when it seemed as if the Brooklyn Bridge was Team Green because who in Brooklyn decided that? Why did the Manhattan Bridge get to be Team Black?! That’s not fair!

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Fans of House of the Dragon thought that promo for the series took everything to the next level by hanging banners of both Team Green (those who support Aegon Targaryen) and Team Black (Rhaenyra’s supporters) on the bridges in New York City. The reality is that it wasn’t a real thing, unfortunately. I wish it was real because I’d have to go to the Manhattan Bridge to share my allegiance.

It all started when the official Game of Thrones accounts were showing videos of these banners popping up around New York City.


The Brooklyn Bridge has been claimed for King Aegon II. #TeamGreen #RaiseYourBanners @New York Bucket List

♬ original sound – Game of Thrones

Not only was the Brooklyn Bridge Team Green, but the Manhattan Bridge (which you can also see from Dumbo) had Team Black banner waving proudly from it.


The Manhattan Bridge is for those loyal to Queen Rhaenyra. #TeamBlack #RaiseYourBanners @WhatIsNewYork

♬ original sound – Game of Thrones

Videos include banners on the bridges, in Grand Central Station, and also hanging from the arch in Washington Square Park. The most unbelievable of them includes a banner hanging from the Empire State building! So, if you want to go and take a picture with them, should you make the trek around Manhattan?

Sadly, no. The banners are not actually hanging up anywhere. According to the Associated Press, no one knew anything about these banners hanging, and when one of their reporters went to check and see if they could see banners hanging off the bridges in Dumbo, there was no sign of them being there. In fact, in the videos, the weather is different from what we are currently experiencing in New York City.

At least I know that the Brooklyn Bridge would never betray me like that, and I don’t have to avoid it now at all costs, but it was a publicity strategy that almost worked too well. We all were ready to go take pictures of these banners.

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